Upcoming Shows & Events

08.04.2017 — 7.05.2017
Good Children Gallery
New Orleans, US

The show Toxicité radieuse (Radiant toxicity) offers a snapshot of the artist’s experiments. Everything seems frozen and paradoxically in eternal movement. By using crystal liquid Ink on glass slides. Manon Bellet reveals to us, a chemical and thermal process which becomes visible only by the heat of the projector. The work slowly changes in the front of our eyes, it lives, and it survives under extreme heat, thus giving a living aspect to the work able to correspond to our own endangered environment in constant, perpetual change. The toxicity of the chemical mixture that would frighten us in a natural environment, ends up seducing us by its radiations.

08.10.2016 — 18.01.2017
La Dépense
centre d'art contemporain
Béthune, France

The exhibition theme takes references from the book of the French writer Georges Bataille, "La part maudite" (The Accursed Share), a philosophical and economic essay published in 1949 exploring the notion of "unconditional loss." The economy in question no longer depends on a logic of profit and consumption, but a much broader consideration, taking into account "the effervescence of life", the energy resources of the Earth, and "the excedente energy".
Curated by Léa Bismuth

06.08. — 25.09.2016
Group Show
Contemporary Art Center
New Orleans, LA US

In 1974, roughly two years before the founding of the CAC, the artist Gordon Matta-Clark, together with a group of artists including some native to Southeastern Louisiana, coined the term Anarchitecture. A word used to title an exhibition, to describe a form of thinking, to bind a community of friends and artists, and to acknowledge space as a social and formal condition, Anarchitecture pointed to an interdisciplinary spirit of the times that helped usher in contemporary arts centers across the country, and significantly, in New Orleans. For commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the CAC, this exhibition also serves as a formal meditation on the concept of Anarchitecture, an elision of the words architecture and anarchy.
Curated by Andrea Andersson, Chief Curator of Visual Arts, CAC

22.04. — 18.06.2016
Dimensione Disegno Posizioni contemporanee
Museo Civico Villa dei Cedri
Bellinzona, Switzerland

An exhibition about contemporary drawing and drawing matter, related to the collection of the museum.
Curated by Carole Haensler

Kollision, Im Labyrinth
der unheimlichen Zufälle.
Kunstraum/ Bethanien, Berlin kunstraumkreuzberg.de

The exhibition "Kollision Im Labyrinth der unheimlichen Zufälle", goes back to the observation that many contemporary artists use techniques and principles which were implemented in the 1920s and '30s by the Surrealists, or that they are exploring similar experimental forms of artistic work as (frottage, Rayographie, Décalcomanie etc.). In addition, a visual similarity between the works presented can be use to detect the Surrealists, who strikes a similar note of unease in the viewer.
Curated by Marie josé Ourtilane & Conny Becker.

Shows & Events Past 2015
21.06. — 18.10.2015
Triennale de l’art imprimé
Musée des beaux-arts
Le Locle, Switzerland

In 2015, the Museum of Fine Arts will hold the 8th Triennial of Contemporary Prints and bringing together twenty contemporary artists, selected by an international panel of experts in contemporary art. While previous editions of the Triennial of Contemporary Prints focused on Swiss production, that of 2015 will be decidedly international.
Curated by Nathalie Herschdorfer.

08.11 — 11.11.2015
Kunstkredit Basel Show
Kunsthalle, Basel

The annual exhibition of Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt 2015 held at the Kunsthalle Basel. Curated by Samuel Leuenberger, the exhibition shows works acquired in 2014 from the Kunstkeditkommission.