Yeswecannibal, Gallery, Baton Rouge, US.

This exhibition brought together various research projects. It featured 4 different scents, 3 extracted from different locations in Delacroix Parish in Louisiana (US) and one in the Swiss Alps in the Valais region on the banks of the Rhône River. These 4 scents are extracted from plants, water, mud and a photo album after a fire. They are the olfactive memory of different losses.
A soundtrack has also been included, giving access to extracts from testimonials with the partipants with whom I extracted the scents. A series of ferrofluid drawings on glass and another on magnetic film were also on display.
A performance with the public took place on a large glass panel where, using magnetic sticks, visitors had to work together to create a collective ferrofluid drawing playing with magnetic forces and the control and non-control of their hands.
The final work was exhibited one of the gallery's windows.
A concert with Klaas Hubner, James May and Rob Cambre also took place, activating the space with an uncommon sonority and questioning the vibration present in my works, in the Gallery space and beyond.

—Photography: Jonathan Peterson